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                        Methods used to fit your projects needs.

Automobile Fabrication:
Frames, Suspension, Drive train, 
Engine swaps, Ancillary components and all phases of modification.

Interior Modifications:  
Upholstery , Stereo systems, Steering wheels, Gauges and more! 

Exterior modifications:
Bumper tucks, After market bumpers, running boards, Rock sliders, Skid plates 

Motorcycle Modifications: Custom Frames, Front ends, Engines, Transmissions, Braking systems, Rims Ancillary components and much more 




Our welding methods consist of tig, mig and stick welding to suit your needs. We use the best quality welding products and supplies so your projects last a lifetime

Looking For Specific automotive needs?

 We’re here to help at Trout Town Auto!


          Some services we provide are engine rebuilds, component rebuilds, modifications, welding, fabricating etc.


           Specializing in vintage automotive & motorcycle repair from 1920’s and up. Get a free quote with us today!


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